Children See Magic Because They Look For It

South Hills Nurseries

Children See Magic Because They Look For It

South Hills Nurseries

Children See Magic Because They Look For It

South Hills Nurseries



From April 2024, all eligible working parents of two-year-olds will be able to access funding for 15 hours per week of education and care.



South Hills Nurseries are committed to protecting all children, families and staff in our settings through our comprehensive policies and procedures. Copies of these are available on request and a hard copy is kept at each site. Our policies cover all areas of childcare and working with outside agencies and families and come under the headings of;

Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Behaviour, Equal Opportunities, Information and Records, Curriculum and Suitable Person.



About Us

We are caring for the most important and vulnerable person in your life and you have the right to expect the highest standards from us. Spanning across the north and south of Wiltshire, the only way to understand the unique nature and happy atmosphere of our nurseries is to come and see them for yourself.

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South Hills Nurseries are dedicated to developing curious minds from the tiniest to the tallest members in our awe inspiring environments

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Our Nurseries

South Hills Nurseries was originally established in 1993 in the secluded countryside, in converted farm buildings on the back of the Wilton estate. Our first nursery had a holistic approach, combining Montessori methodology with fantastic care and a love of the outdoors.

Between 2009 and 2018, we have opened nine further nurseries throughout Wiltshire, some of which are linked to Primary Schools, Academy’s and Children’s Centres. This ensures we are providing outstanding care to all members of the local communities

In 2018, we took the Nursery Group of the Year prize at the NMT Awards, a testament to all the amazing work our teams are doing throughout the country. We are very proud of them all and this recognition is well deserved.

Mission Statement

‘South Hills Nurseries are dedicated to developing curious minds from the tiniest to the
tallest members in our awe inspiring environments.’ 

Our ultimate goal is to nourish each child’s sense of wonder by experiencing and gazing at the world with them. They help each one of us to share in their excitement and see it through their eyes.

South Hills also recognises that the learning journey is not just for the children.  Together, the staff grow and learn and this comes from a workplace of trust, respect and admiration.

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Our Values

South Hills Nurseries are dedicated to developing curious minds from the tiniest to the tallest members in our awe inspiring environments.

Supporting each individual in our community to reach their full potential.
Our families have a sense of belonging and are respected.
Uniqueness is valued and celebrated.
Together we empower greatness through fun, play and excitement.
Happiness underpins the motivation for lifelong learning.

Holistic care ensures that each child thrives.
Inspirational teaching is at the heart of every experience.
Loving and caring relationships enable all to flourish.
Learning celebrates each individual’s journey.
Safe and secure ethos promotes independence, resilience and well-being.


‘Children see magic because they look for it’
- Christopher Moore

As practitioners and professionals, we aspire to instil our
values to all of those in our community.

Specialising in childcare, our nursery teams encourage all children to achieve their potential.

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